FX 2-in-1 Multipurpose Pool Table – Pre Order


Perfect for home use as dining table or could also double as a meeting table in the office. Although this may be a MDF slate table but it’s one of the sturdiest amongst all the other MDFs tables in the market as this table is close to 200kg in weight.


Net/ Gross weight: 190/ 207kg
Packing size: 224x132x26cm
Leg packing size: 80x66x29cm
Table size: 214.5×121.5x82cm
Playfield:18mm thickness,186x93cm MDF with melamin board on both sides
Dining table top: 15mm thickness MDF with HPL on both sides
Cues: 2 pcs (joint cue)
Pool balls: 1 set
Triangle 1 pc
Chalk: 2 pc
Brush: 1 pc