Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Billiard is the general term for cue sports. It covers snooker, pool tables or any other sports typically played on cloth covered table using cue sticks.

The recommended space for foosball is 7ft x 8.5ft.

As for billiard please refer:

7ft Pool Table: 16ft x 13ft
8ft Pool Table: 18ft x 14ft
9ft Pool Table: 19ft x 14.5ft
12ft Snooker Table: 12ft x 16ft

Chinese pool is the latest sensation in the world of billiards. In simple terms Chinese pool is a hybrid of 8-Ball American and Snooker game. The table is typically 9ft in size but uses snooker cloth and pocket sizing which makes it very tough to master.

ITSF stands for International Table Soccer Federation. ITSF is the world governing body for the sport of foosball, similar to what FIFA is to football.

Our used tables are fully refurbished by professionals to bring back it’s former glory. On top of that, the cloth and all accessories provided will also be brand new.

American pool uses bigger sized numbered balls (2 1/4”) and has a bigger sized pockets. A choice of 7ft, 8ft and 9ft is usually available for American pool. British pool uses smaller sized balls (2 1.7/8”) with only yellow, red and black balls along with smaller sized pockets. British pool also only comes in 7ft size and uses the same cloth as a snooker table. Besides the physical differences of the tables, the rules of the games in also different.

There are many dishonest sellers who does not reveal the actual price in their online pricing or it could be of a different product. We’ve seen before many postings that the description does not match the products advertised. Beware of bad workmanship and service.

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