Wiraka Jazz British Pool Table

RM9,800.00 RM9,000.00

External measurement: 2135mm x 1220mm x 800mm
Internal measurement: 1829mm x 914mm
Slates measurement: 2007mm x 1092mm x 25mm
Pocket cutting: 7.6mm x 7.8mm
Rubber cushion: L77

Inclusive of delivery and installation within Klang Valley ground floor location.


Accessories included:

Aramith British Casino Ball x 1 set
60″ rest stick with Deluxe Batt rest head x 1
9″ Deluxe & rail brush x 1
2″ plastic triangle x 1
Table cover x 1
House cue x 4
Brass 3-way green lamp shade x 1 (without bulb & installation)
Wall cue rack x 1
Galaxy lucky pool ball x 1 set
Spider butt rest head x 1
60″ rest stick
Snooker cue fastener x 1
Jupiter cue tip (10mm) x 1 box (50 pieces)