Williams Getaway – Refurbished


The Getaway: High Speed II Pinball Machine is manufactured by Williams, makers of some of the greatest pinball machines in history.

Released as the sequel to Steve Ritchie’s groundbreaking ‘High Speed’ machine from 1986, The Getaway: High Speed II picks up where ‘High Speed’ left off, revisiting the classic game design and literally supercharging it. Stepping up to the Getaway will reward players with easy to learn objectives that will take time to master, high octane action on the open road, an intense multiball finale and most importantly: Even more blistering speed than the original.

The goal of the game is to run the red traffic light, then get away from the armed police pursuit that results and chases you down the highway. Strap yourself in, run the red light and leave the police in the dust!

Key Features:

  • Run the Red Light: Show the police who rules the road by running the red traffic light, and escaping from the armed pursuit to score enormous jackpot rewards.
  • Gear Shifter Plunger: Unlike a traditional plunger, players launch balls using an authentic car gear shift lever.
  • Build up the Revs: Shoot loops to rev your engine, then shift gears using the gear shift lever to access higher levels of rewards.
  • Electromagnettically powered ‘Supercharger’: Launch the ball into this powerful engine to watch your ball accelerate to incredible speeds.
  • Red Beacon Light: Large red police style beacon activates during certain modes, lighting up your entire game room.
  • ‘The Getaway’ Video Mode: Speed down the highway weaving in and out of traffic to earn large point rewards.
  • Hard hitting soundtrack including ZZ Top’s hit ‘La Grange’.